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TEEXMA® LIMS Aeronautics / Materials

Taking advantage of technical data in the development of new materials is a major innovation challenge. The management of test requests and associated results is essential (These, in particular, are critical) to ensure a quality approach, optimization of costs, and exploitation of work which has already been carried out.
In the aeronautics sector, the conjunction of materials data with carried-out tests is necessary in order to be able to leverage, monitor, trace, and secure the technical heritage of laboratories.

In order to respond to these demands, TEEXMA® has a number of features at your disposal. It enables the management of all laboratory components but also the needs of exploiting material data, all in a modern and easy-to-use tool:

Laboratory Data Management

  • Equipment Management: maintenance, calibration, and all associated technical documentation
  • Management of technician training and accreditation validity periods
  • Consumables management: stocks, suppliers, replenishment rates with notifications to be able to alert the right people
  • Resource and planning management with algorithms to optimize the machine occupancy rate taking into account the types of equipment, planned deadlines, and priorities for tests to be performed

Test Request Management

  • Test request management with a visualization of the activity which is pending, needs to be planned, and/or carried out
  • Formalization of a test plan based on the material and associating the different steps that it will follow: Cutting, Machining, Heat Treatment, Shot Blasting, Mechanical Tests, Thermal Tests, etc.
  • Definition for each step of cutting, machining, and testing conditions
  • Management of different types of mechanical tests: Fatigue, Cracking, Flexure, Creep, Resilience, Tenacity, Traction, etc.
  • Management of the different types of thermal tests: Brazing, Corrosion, Erosion, Oxidation, etc.
  • Management of test-tubes as soon as they are received in the laboratory with their description: Material, Pre-treatments they have undergone, Geometry, Type of test-tube, etc.
  • Process management through the Workflow module adaptable to each client contextOutsourcing management: consultations and business allocations to be carried out
  • Multi-site and multi-laboratory management of test requests

Data Exploitation

  • Benefit from operational indicators for laboratories: in progress, planning rates, response rates, etc.
  • Have access to KPIs on subcontractors in order to be able to evaluate them
  • Save time in writing test reports based on client templates through a document extraction module
  • Automatically generate curves from machine files
  • Manage interpolations, extrapolations, polynomial regressions on curves derived from raw machine data
  • Manage control charts to visualize any potential deviations from the results obtained with respect to equipment, a subcontractor, etc.
  • Make multi-criteria selections for better data exploitation
  • Statistically analyze all material data with the possibility of a graphical representation of the results (correlations, etc.)


TEEXMA® LIMS Aero: Supports the Development of New Materials

TEEXMA® LIMS Aero: Supports the Development of New Materials, Capitalizes Technical Data, Test Request Management