Laboratory management is a major challenge for development activities in the automotive sector. In particular, the management of test requests and associated results is critical to ensure a quality approach, cost optimization and exploitation of work already carried out. This is why it is necessary to utilize, monitor, trace and secure the technical heritage of laboratories.

To meet these requirements, TEEXMA® has many assets to manage all the components of automotive laboratories in a modern and easy-to-use tool:

Test Request Management

Management of test requests/work orders with all associated dashboards such as activities which pending, to be planned, and already carried out.

Possibility to manage multi-laboratory requests according to the test plan and test center.

Process Management

Process management through a configurable Workflow module for each client context

Management of test plans and test types

Management of parts since their receipt in the laboratory by characterizing them: type / family of parts, etc.

Interface with existing IS

Interfacing with the existing tool such as PLM to retrieve parts and their description

Planning and Management of resources

Resources and planning Mangement to reserve equipment and assign tests to technicians

Management of equipment maintenance, calibration, and all the associated technical documents

Document Management

Documentary extracts from Client Templates to generate reports, KPIs, etc.

Selection Tools

Exploitation of this repository by simply making multi-criteria selections

TEEXMA® Lims Auto

TEEXMA® Lims Auto: The Automotive Laboratory Control Software

TEEXMA® Lims Auto: Automotive Laboratory Activity Management Software, Test Request Management, Process Management