The benefits of a complete interface to Information Systems

A new challenge in recent years, the interfacing of digital tools to one’s work environment has become much more complex, particularly due to the multiplication of software used within a company. Word, Excel, Cloud, internal database, and other loose sheets… How to ensure good interfacing so as not to lose productivity or integrity?

The simple solution: use a technical collaborative software!

Taking into account the specificities inherent to each digital work environment, interfacing business software with computer software in a company can seem expensive. However, the development of specific connectors allows an increase in efficiency between departments.

In order to ensure optimal integration in the IT galaxy, business software must be equipped with standardized languages and programming interfaces (such as APIs), for example, to facilitate these connections.

In addition, these software packages are increasingly being used to support the company’s various instruments, so it is important that the IT department can interface them easily.

And it is by combining this intelligent interfacing approach, thanks to its connections to existing software, that the TEEXMA® solution perfectly meets this dynamic. The first software dedicated to the technical and scientific world makes it easy to meet the requirements of the ISM, particularly with regard to compatible connectors. Thus, TEEXMA® LIMS, our collaborative tool in the laboratory environment, has been able to adapt to these issues and can be connected to all the tools in the IT landscape, but also to other tools, such as testing machines. Ensuring, therefore, the constant synchronization of data from a plurality of elements.