The LEGRAND group has chosen BASSETTI to manage its chemical risks

LEGRAND is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. With nearly 7 billion euros in revenue and more than 39,000 employees.

The LEGRAND Group, with its 23 industrial sites throughout France, was faced with a major challenge in managing chemical risks. On each of the sites, hazardous products were evaluated independently on multiple platforms. LEGRAND called on the BASSETTI group to create a centralized database of chemical products based on the various regulations and safety standards. The assigned objectives were achieved:

Obtain an exhaustive and precise inventory of the products held
Mutualize the management of chemical products by reducing the number of technical evaluations
To enable the updating of safety data sheets
Annual risk assessment
Due to the use of certain chemicals by the group, safety standards require a medical recommendation to ensure the safety of employees. It was therefore necessary to completely harmonize the validation processes. The regulatory monitoring carried out by BASSETTI has made it possible to strengthen the monitoring of dangerous products and to provide appropriate responses from a safety and protection point of view. This common database serves as a reference for the business lines and allows rationalization of purchases, which can lead to economies of scale.

BASSETTI was the only company able to meet all the needs required by the LEGRAND Group, through the multiplicity of its offer, which allows the coverage of multiple perimeters (SDS – Database – Chemical risks – etc.).

This tripartite mission, including the integration of existing chemical products, environmental compliance, and risk management, was successfully carried out by all the group’s subsidiaries, providing LEGRAND with real added value in the management of its chemical risks.

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