Webinar : Guarantee your quality, from product industrialization to service life

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How to articulate and share information so that each department (from methods to after-sales service) meets quality requirements, while contributing to value creation? Discover our solutions dedicated to quality throughout your production cycle !

Program of this Webinar “Ensure Quality” :

  • Make the right choices in industrialization with the FMEA: guide product and process design,
  • Control the process in proto, pre-series and production phases,
  • Manage your audits and track your results,
  • Report and track non-quality events,
  • Eliminate non-conformities and manage investigations (8D, QRQC or specific),Capitalize and cross-fertilize for your customers and future projects,
  • Capture the tasks of the FMEA Reverse,
  • Manage and keep alive all your Quality documentation,
  • Manage your action plans

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