Effectively Manage Samples & Test Data In Your Laboratory (LIMS)
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Thursday, December 15th, 2022

11am - 12pm (EDT)
8am - 9am (PDT)

Managing testing programs and labs can be a challenge for many companies as test requests, samples, scheduling, testing, and reporting all need to be effectively managed. Learn about the only modular and scalable solution to help you tackle your laboratory and test request management challenges.


TEEXMA® is the only modular and scalable solution that provides one technology, multiple solutions offering quick speed to implementation, a flexible licensing model and a high degree of configurability.

WEBINAR topics that will be covered
  • Digitization of your laboratory activities to ensure digital continuity throughout the requests and tests life cycle 
  • Management of associated results with tests, quality, cost optimization and work already carried out
  • Utilization of a configurable workflow module to simplify your process management approach
  • Organization of your activity using a GANTT view to spotlight critical paths and potential overload periods 
  • A powerful interface with all components of your information system in order to avoid data re-capture