Why should you choose a Mobile CMMS?

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Inspecting and Working on Airplane Jet Engine in Hangar


CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, was first developed to meet the needs of industries in order to guarantee the production potential of machines and tools. Indeed, CMMS allows gaining in performance thanks to functionalities such as the issuing of intervention requests as well as the management of corrective and preventive interventions. They also optimize the use of resources thanks to the management of stocks and purchases, schedules and offer a global vision to managers by enhancing information in dashboards.


Over the years, CMMS has evolved to offer more added value to their customers by integrating regulatory and normative constraints, by integrating work and subcontracting follow-up, management of complex equipment fleets…

Today, CMMS also allows improving the reactivity of operational teams, in particular thanks to mobile access. Mobile CMMS offers users the following advantages:

  • Take CMMS to all areas of operation. Thus, information related to equipment and operations is at the technician’s fingertips, sometimes even in offline mode for high-end tools. This can include technical documentation as well as the history of interventions on the equipment or similar interventions on other equipment.
  • Quickly and without risk of error, identify the equipment on which technicians are working thanks to QR code scans. This avoids errors or a sometimes long identification time on the most complex installations. The reading of QR codes also makes it possible to report an incident quickly.
  • Enter the intervention report of the equipment and avoid the traditional entry time at the end of the day (and the entry errors that can come with it).
  • Attach multimedia files such as photos taken with the smartphone or tablet to illustrate a malfunction or conditions of access to the equipment and even videos or sound recordings to demonstrate a suspicious noise for example.
  • Apply an electronic signature to the report or to certify an intervention and thus reassure customers and users accustomed to the paper format.
  • Carry out direct time management of stocks and carry out stock inventories.
  • Enhance the value of maintenance technicians by entrusting them with modern and high-performance equipment.


The mobility functionality also has a definite advantage in sectors where technicians move around a lot (after-sales service, maintenance of important networks such as water, gas or electricity…). When the intervention zones are at the level of a department or a region, mobility must be free of a new constraint, that of being usable in white areas, without access to networks. It is in this logic that the most efficient CMMS today offer disconnected or offline mode with automatic or manual synchronization when the terminal regains access to the network.


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