BASSETTI GROUP specializes in providing software solutions to help manage technical data and improve processes.

The BASSETTI Group was founded in 1992 with the mission to help companies manage and leverage their technical expertise. We have since expanded to include risk management and knowledge management. With organic growth exceeding 30% per year, BASSETTI has developed an external growth strategy with an increasingly strong international presence. The acquisition of companies with related collaborative offers, allows the BASSETTI Group to broaden its skills and respond more effectively to the needs of customers worldwide.

The importance of people, time and wisdom has always been at the heart of the BASSETTI Group’s core in all its endeavors. With these values at the our core, we are driven by strong ethics based on trust, collaboration and development. We strive to ensure our companies’ interests coincide as closely as possible with the interests of our employees. Our teams cultivate a sense of belonging as they strive to accomplish ambitious projects on behalf of our clients.

The BASSETTI Group is the creator of TEEXMA®, a modular and configurable platform that provides one technology, multiple solutions. Currently over 600 companies and 180,000 users across various industries rely on TEEXMA® to improve products, processes, and profitability.

A word from David BASSETTI

- Founder and CEO of BASSETTI GROUP

Mission: For over 30 years, we have been carrying out our mission of managing technical expertise and data for industrial companies. The mission I initiated is to help companies to leverage data, structure information and increase profitability. With this in mind, we created TEEXMA®, the only modular and configurable, end-to-end software solution designed to capture, leverage and process technical and scientific data.

The timeline of BASSETTI

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