BASSETTI winner of the “DASSAULT Startup Challenge”

Diverse international executive business partners group discuss report at boardroom meeting table. Multiracial team negotiating project developing business strategy doing paperwork analysis in office.
BASSETTI won the “Startup Challenge” proposed by DASSAULT AVIATION on Friday, February 8th, 2019.


During this hackathon (an event which designated a group of volunteer developers to meet and perform collaborative computer programming), the BASSETTI team had to respond to issues related to the maintenance of the future, alongside 9 other SMEs and innovative start-ups. The challenge was daunting: “propose in 24 hours innovative solutions for the maintenance of the future, and test your solution directly on the action with maintenance specialists”.
Topics covered included predictive maintenance, connecting aircraft to maintenance systems, optimizing troubleshooting based on feedback, holographic or virtual reality visualization to support and train companions, and assistance with maintenance work by drones or intelligent cameras.


Thursday February 7th, 1pm: the 10 participants selected among 50 companies are gathered for a brief; as well as a visit to the gust assembly and falcon maintenance workshops. These visits allow each team to identify a problem in which they can help DASSAULT AVIATION, gives them time to understand how the companions work on the aircraft, and the ability to start thinking about the best possible approach (depending on the volume of data, the number of aircraft in the hangars…).
Thursday February 7th, 9pm: the teams start working on their projects. They can then exchange with DASSAULT AVIATION mentors to deepen their maintenance needs. The solution must be in accordance with the different maintenance needs: it must be technically feasible, industrializable and created within a reasonable time and budget.
Friday 08 February, 3pm: Presentation and deliberation of the different projects before a jury composed of directors and strategic clients from DASSAULT AVIATION.


The BASSETTI team was able to use its own methods for fulfilling customers needs in order to identify a lack that did not allow DASSAULT AVIATION to provide effective feedback on corrective maintenance of the falcons. This problem is the link between the failures identified and the solutions implemented by the (often independent) maintainers.
The proposed solution is part of a win-win logic between DASSAULT AVIATION and the maintainers.
Indeed, the solution is a quick diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for maintainers. It allows you to propose maintenance actions to be carried out according to the alerts received. On the other hand, the maintainer indicates the action that solved the failure. The information thus gathered allows an immediate optimization of the order of the actions to be performed. A self-learning system: the more it is used, the more efficient it becomes.
In addition to offering an additional service to its customers, DASSAULT AVIATION also has the precious link between the identified failures and the solutions implemented. This data can then be analyzed by the powerful tools at DASSAULT AVIATION’s disposal to improve maintenance ranges or design rules for future aircraft.

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