Enhance the exchanges between experts through communities of practice or interests

Add value to the exchanges between experts: create a structure to support the development of expertise.

A technical community consists of bringing together experts around the same domain and a mutual commitment to ensure the transmission and sharing of knowledge, skills, and know-how in order to increase the overall level of mastery of the domain in the community.


Add value to the knowledge capital existing within the enterprise

Sharing, transmitting, and learning

Boost and enhance the areas of expertise in the company

Promote collective intelligence


Our method:

In-company training: 

Understanding the concept of technical communities

Familiarity with the tools that are to be implemented

The reasoning of the approach – Preparation for dealing with resistance

Exchanges on specifics

Personalized implementation support:

Support for applying concepts and tools to different contexts

An experienced level of assistance to handle unforeseen circumstances

Assistance with animation, organization, and communication

An energy to drive change


Encourage collective intelligence to increase innovation

Accelerate the transferring of information and knowledge

Challenge your experts

Faster training for young technical recruits

Communities of Practice

Communities Of Practice: Valuing Expert Knowledge

Communities Of Practice: Enhancing Exchanges Between Experts, Building A Structure Fostering the Development of Expertise