Environment, Health & Safety Department

The environment, health and safety (EHS) department handles quality practices within an integrated management system to fight against accidents, occupational diseases, non-quality and environmental impacts. With over 30 years of experience with companies from the industrial world, BASSETTI supports its customers in with issues of risk management and environmental compliance.

Regulatory compliance

To be able to put products on the market in full compliance (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001)

Strengthen the company's image

Safety, recyclability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) considerations add value to companies and make them more attractive

Respond to customer requirements

We observe more and more requirements from the principals through increasingly demanding specifications

Positive impact

To distinguish your company, it is necessary to assume the responsibility of safety and quality towards the users in the market

Why choose BASSETTI for the digital transformation of your business?​

BASSETTI has developed a software suite dedicated to EHS activities.

    • Centralize the different RETEX in a unique interface to facilitate their exploitation
    • Trace all the information from end to end to support innovation and knowledge sharing
    • Build a unique repository of data and knowledge to avoid repeating past mistakes and to find the right process at the right time within a guide
    • Share information with other departments to improve performance and promote synergies.

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution to integrate with the other services:

    • Laboratory Laboratories may have chemical product management needs in their activity, and must therefore manage the associated safety data sheets (SDS).
    • R&D: When choosing new R&D technologies, it is necessary to adapt to the regulatory compliance in place.

Our solutions adapted to your needs​

TEEXMA® for Environment

TEEXMA® for Materials

TEEXMA® for Quality


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