Technical Expertise Management®

Publisher and integrator of TEEXMA®, the software for the management of technical and scientific data

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Bassetti's team of experts give their complete dedication to enhance your expertise

Our consulting offer in Technical Expertise Management®, enables companies to establish a coherent strategy for the management of knowledge and the valuation of experts.

If your problem concerns:

  • The unification under a single repository for all data, information, and knowledge from the same profession, we advise the implementation of a Professional Repository.
  • The emergence from Lessons learned management from your business practices. If you encounter difficulties when encouraging experts to learn lessons from prior experiences and if the others are not reusing these lessons that were learned, we will understand how to put the proper mechanisms in place for an effective and sustainable strategy of Lessons Learned Management.
  • Technical Communities can be the solution to sharing knowledge, construction of good practices, collaborative intelligence, or solving complex problems.
  • The departure of a long-tenured expert from your company, and their activities and tacit knowledge need to be transferred to the others that will take their place, then we can offer our Expert Departure service where we will test our proven methodology that is dedicated to this specific issue.
  • A poorly documented activity where knowledge is delivered only by verbal means and where formalized information is commonly scattered, then we can carry out the provision of Knowledge Reports and save some time for your experts that can then be used for innovation.
  • The recognition of experts, and being able to evaluate and manage their performance, then we can propose the implementation of our Sectors of Expertise service.

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