Place innovation and digital transformation at the forefront of your food production for improved quality and productivity.

The food industry is one of the most standardized and demanding industrial sectors in terms of quality. Nonconformities can have repercussions both on production and on public health. BASSETTI supports the activities of agrifood businesses with ensured traceability, streamlined processes, and increased innovation to achieve a more sustainable and efficient production.

Food Processing

In the food industry, hygiene and food safety concerns are central to the entire value chain. BASSETTI solutions support their customers in the digital transformation of their processes in compliance with current standards (ISO 22000, IFS Food, HACCP). 

Beverage Manufacturing

BASSETTI addresses the technical needs of soft drink and ice cream manufacturers, breweries, vineyards, distilleries, and more. The quality of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products are priorities of this sector of the food industry

What we help you with


Biological, chemical, bacteriological or allergenic risks are at the core of the sector's regulations (ISO 22000, HACCP).


The quality and purity of finished products are essential for the food industry.


Improve production from the reception of the raw material to the labeling, through formulation, quality control, weighing and packaging.


Innovation can help reduce process costs, develop new techniques and more efficient products.

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