Laboratory Department

The laboratory is the core of the industrial department that deals with performance analysis, product conformity and quality control. Digital transformation plays an important role in the desire to automate laboratory activities while digitalizing the associated information. BASSETTI supports its customers to ensure digital continuity throughout the life cycle of laboratory test requests.

Increase productivity

Reducing the time spent on low value-added tasks increases the efficiency of the laboratory.

Quality assurance

The objective of a laboratory is to demonstrate that the results obtained comply with the specified requirements.

Regulatory compliance

ISO 17025 certification and COFRAC accreditation represent the normative reference for laboratory performance.

Leverage intellectual property

Enhancing the value of the laboratory’s intangible assets promotes operational performance (Retex, know-how and knowledge management, capitalization of tests, etc.).

Why choose BASSETTI for the digital transformation of your business?​​​

BASSETTI has developed a software suite dedicated to the laboratory world.

  • Track all information and manage the knowledge of laboratory engineers to avoid errors, easily retrieve information and operate the correct processes. 

  • Archive all research data through electronic lab notebooks to facilitate collaboration. 

  • Model test request processes by planning resources, authorizations and equipment. 

  • Ensure the digital continuity of the laboratory by creating a complete and easily accessible document repository and facilitating interfacing between all devices.

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution to integrate with the other services provided:

  • Maintenance: The use of testing machines implies maintaining the equipment in operational condition and managing maintenance contracts with suppliers.

  • Quality: Quality events occurring during a test request, such as customer complaints or product non-conformities, require the implementation of associated quality action plans (8D, PDCA etc.)

  • EHS: When handling chemicals, laboratories must assess the risk and have up-to-date safety data sheets (SDS).

  • Production: The exchange of information between the production department and the laboratory allows for an efficient quality control process.

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TEEXMA® for Quality

TEEXMA® for Environment

TEEXMA® for Maintenance



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