Maintenance Department

The maintenance department guarantees the availability of the equipment operated. It carries out this mission while remaining in control of the costs incurred. The maintenance operations are carried out in a preventive, remedial or corrective manner. With over 30 years of experience with large industrial groups, BASSETTI supports maintenance departments through their digitalization, to automate their control processes or troubleshooting of machines and equipment.

Data accessibility

Field maintenance operators need to have reliable data updated in real time or through synchronization (offline mode)

Increased productivity

Increase the lifespan of your equipment and their availability

Time saving

One of the main challenges of the maintenance department is to reduce the time spent preparing and carrying out operations

Traceability of maintenance data

At any time, TEEXMA® allows you to have an overview of the life cycle of equipment: History of incidents, interventions, modification of compositions, counter values, etc.

Why choose BASSETTI for the digital transformation of your business?​​​

BASSETTI has developed a software suite dedicated to the world of maintenance.

  • A customizable CMMS that hosts your data, displays it in dynamic tree views and supports your own processes. Available for mobile operators in the field.

  • An intelligent troubleshooting tool based on accumulated experience to identify root causes and quickly implement solutions.

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance management to guarantee the availability of your equipment.

  • Share information with other departments to improve performance and promote synergies.

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution to integrate with the other services provided.

  • Production: Since the production department is dependent on the machines, BASSETTI integrates in its MES an interface with its CMMS for the maintenance of the production equipment in a single schedule.

  • Laboratory: The laboratory can directly transmit its requests to the maintenance department via the LIMS application, for the maintenance of testing machines.

  • Knowledge Management: BASSETTI solutions allow to capitalize on good maintenance practices in a dedicated knowledge management tool.

  • Quality: Incidents and intervention requests can be considered as non-conformities to be processed by the quality department. The processing can be done in connection with the BASSETTI solution dedicated to quality.

Our solutions adapted to your needs​​

TEEXMA® for Maintenance

TEEXMA® for Quality

TEEXMA® for Knowledge Management


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