Lessons Learned

Give value to your lessons learned and use it to create good practices

The Lessons Learned are usually realized inside companies, but is often limited to an observation without further analysis. The Lessons learned, formulated at the close of any practice, asks to look towards the past but also to foresee future actions to enhance the incoming practice. This is why it deserves to be leveraged and transmitted.



Make the most of internal knowledge, the true wealth of the company


Ensure the transmission of experiences


Avoid repeating past mistakes


Improve product reactivity and quality


Stimulate innovation


Manage company’s internal knowledge and know-how

Our Method :

A 6-step operational lessons learned management system:

What is the purpose of lessons learned?

Define an objective in relation to a strategy

What is the primary practice that the lessons learned must emerge from?

Identify the practices that were used at the origins of the lessons that were learned

Who is concerned?

Identify the practitioners and the recipients

Who does what, when, and who verifies this work?

Create a reasonable and ambitious process that covers the entire cycle!

How to make the most of the lessons that are learned?

Construct a knowledge repository that’s fed by the stream of information

How to deploy this strategy?

Drive a change in practices and learning


Drive a change in practices and learning



Accelerate problem resolution by reusing past lessons


Highlight the best practices


Accelerate the training of new entrants


Make the users participate in the continuous improvement of their standards and processes

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