Bassetti’s team of experts do everything possible to enhance your expertise. Our Technical Expertise Management® consulting offer enables companies to establish a coherent strategy for knowledge management and expert development.


If your problem concerns :

Business Repository

The unification under a single repository for all data, information, and knowledge from the same profession, we recommend the implementation of a Business Repository.

Lessons Learned

The emergence of feedback on Lessons Learned from your business practices. If you encounter difficulties when encouraging experts to draw from past lessons and if the others are not reusing these lessons learned, then we know how to put in place effective and sustainable systems to manage Lessons Learned.

Collaborative work

Sharing knowledge, building good practices, collaborative monitoring or solving complex problems, technical communities can be a solution.

Experts Departure

The departure of experts from your company, the transfer of their activities or the normalization of their tacit knowledge, in that case, we will propose that you test our method of enhancing the value of the Expert’s knowledge dedicated to supporting the departure of Experts.

Knowledge Collection

A poorly documented activity where knowledge is delivered only verbally and where standardized information is dispersed throughout the company, then we can conduct a Knowledge collection service and thus give your experts time for innovation.


The recognition of experts, their evaluation and the management of their performance, then we will propose to you the implementation of expert evaluation procedures.

Our solutions :


Lessons learned


Expert Departure


Technical communities


Expertise sector

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