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BASSETTI Group is specialized in the edition and integration of software packages for the industrial world.

The main subsidiary, BASSETTI France, is the founder of the Technical Expertise Management®, which consists of pooling know-how in order to ensure the sustainability of knowledge in the company. It publishes and integrates TEEXMA®, a software designed to utilize and enhance the high value-added technical knowledge of industrial companies.

Equipped with solid organic growth in excess of 30% per year, the group is also developing an external growth strategy through an increasingly strong international presence. The acquisition of companies with related activities in synergy with its core business allows the BASSETTI group to broaden their skills and respond more strongly to the needs of its customers.

People have always been at the heart of the BASSETTI group’s concerns in all its activities. Guided by a humanist ideal, we are driven by a strong ethic based on trust, mutual aid, research, and development. We strive to ensure that the interests of the company coincide as closely as possible with the interests of each employee. Our teams cultivate a sense of belonging to an ambitious project that strives to achieve our clients’ objectives.

A word from the President - David Bassetti

Founder & CEO of BASSETTI Group

“Bassetti is an editor and integrator of TEEXMA®. For 25 years, we have been carrying out our mission of managing technical expertise for industrial companies. The mission I initiated is to help industrial companies to leverage, structure and increase the value of their technical know-how. In this context, we are publishing and integrating TEEXMA®, the very first collaborative software designed to capitalize on high value-added technical and scientific data.“

Group DNA


The first asset of our company is people since the company is only as successful as its employees. BASSETTI is a large family that prides itself on the many talented individuals that make up our company. We look for people who are intelligent, energetic, loyal, and committed to the long-term success of our company. In return, we offer a rewarding but challenging work environment, competitive compensation, and a commitment to the professional growth and happiness of our employees.


Data, information, knowledge won’t be efficiently put to work without an aim and a soul. Our experience is based on a long series of trial and error that enables a learning process. Thus Wisdom in our definition does not only embed technical knowledge, softskills or scientific outputs, it reflects a combination of the human factors and reality of physics. This long journey implies humility and determination.


Physics and businesses are governed by a universal variable that is called time. The duality of time constraints should encourage us to find the right balance between impatience and patience, between short term goals and long term objectives. Even though the time can easily be converted into money, time is more valuable than money because money cannot buy time.

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About BASSETTI Group: Presentation of The BASSETTI company

About BASSETTI Group: Who We Are, Presentation of BASSETTI Group, Editor And Integrator of TEEXMA®, Technical Data Management Software