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ERAMET – BASSETTI: A collaboration based on expertise

TEEXMA® was given the “Innovation Holding” Award by the ERAMET Group


TEEXMA® is used as a tool to manage METALOR’s technical data and documents

“BASSETTI has supported us in our knowledge management process to transmit and leverage knowledge to the best of our ability when an expert leaves the company. They are currently supporting us in the implementation of knowledge accumulation through our communities of practice. This implementation is done by different techniques, such as explicit interviews with our experts, as well as the structuring of knowledge by the implementation of a repository in TEEXMA®, which can be compared in our use to a Wikisemantic. TEEXMA® also allows us to leverage lessons learned from experiments on electrodes in electric furnaces and to collect information as it flows from the process control system.”

“The jury recognized BASSETTI’s comprehensive approach to knowledge management and the implementation of a common platform for the entire company to leverage knowledge. “The intuitiveness and flexibility of the tool for storing, updating and sharing knowledge as well as its compatibility with the Group’s IT constraints!

At ERAMET, TEEXMA® is now a cross-functional tool that has been tested in many cases, driven by particular circumstances (departure of experts), or part of an organization’s KM approach. TEEXMA® makes it possible to give a concrete response to the group’s objectives.“

“The tool will help us to improve organizational quality in the laboratory by reducing time-consuming operations such as: recording results and maintaining laboratory notebooks. The search for results and processing of data must be in place to deliver better and faster to our sponsors.”

“We have chosen BASSETTI and the TEEXMA® software solution to help us structure our data and documents. The key functionalities of the software which make our projects successful are:

  • The multicriteria search
  • The choice guides for targeted research
  • The automatic naming of documents
  • The documents validation workflow
  • The defined workflow for encryption.”

SAINT GOBAIN uses TEEXMA® for LIMS to manage their experimental data

SAINTE MARIE Construction Isotherms manages their technical data and documents with TEEXMA®

Tests data of CREPIM is managed with TEEXMA® for LIMS

“BASSETTI’s solution closely met our expectations and needs. We were interested in the scalability of TEEXMA® and the possibility for a non-computer programmer to configure it. Actually, the fact that we can develop the database independently is a real plus for us. In addition, we know that many modules can be added to the tool without necessarily having to carry out specific developments.”

“We called upon BASSETTI for both their expertise and the flexibility of the software they offer. Thanks to its scalability, its ability to aggregate data, its robustness and its ease of use, the TEEXMA® software perfectly meets our expectations. In fact, it makes it possible to generate all the documents used from a single entry of the various information (for the manufacture of products, administrative formalities by using calculation and extraction modules, etc.).

“Our need was to find a way to support the company’s growth, by ensuring traceability, leveraging data efficiently, combined with ease of use for my teams, but above all to maintain a privileged relationship with our clients without increasing the marginal cost of operation, and to maintain the company’s economic model.”

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