Technical Expertise Management®

Definition of Technical Expertise Management®

Know-how, technical knowledge, and expertise are a valuable asset for a design office, research center or scientific community, and the Technical Expertise Department is committed to implementing IT methods, tools and processes to structure, archive and disseminate this high value-added knowledge within the company.

The specificity of Technical Expertise Management®

In recent years, new disciplines have developed with the emergence of information technologies. Among these new areas is “knowledge management” (KM), which is the sharing of knowledge in order to ensure its sustainability and dissemination within the company. This knowledge can concern all the company’s departments: production, human resources, research and development, design, manufacturing, IT, after-sales service, sales, purchasing, quality, accounting, finance, etc.

The importance of Technical Expertise Management®

In fact, companies information systems have largely demonstrated their quality in terms of archiving knowledge in a relational database. Intranet/internet technologies have done the rest by making this information available to as many people as possible via increasing user-friendly interfaces. Thus, these collaborative work tools are used more and more, making it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the organizations who use them.

However, in R&D departments and company design offices, knowledge management issues require adapted tools and a specific approach. The majority of software publishers dedicated to “knowledge management” are not adequately concerned with particular aspects inherent in scientific or technical knowledge. They only offer cross-disciplinary solutions for the entire company and fail to put the R&D business in its context. The result is a gap in solutions for IT management of the company’s technical assets. This gap is precisely what our services strive to fill.

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Technical Expertise Management

Technical Expertise Management: Valuing Know-How

Technical Expertise Management – Leverage and And Promote Technical Knowledge To Ensure Sustainability And Diffusion