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The Aerospace & Defense Industry

Historically the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry has been risk-averse and spends very little on research and development (measured by the percentage of R&D sales). This has led to the rise of new rapidly expanding competitors (e.g. SpaceX) that can innovate much more quickly. In addition, legacy A&D companies must now compete against rapidly growing competitors from developing economies (such as China) that are expanding their defense capabilities and industries. This is causing a shift in industry initiatives to making better decisions on capital and R&D expenditures and increase agility by providing more support for new technologies, partnerships and data analytics which encourages innovation, reduced costs, and shortened time to market.

Your Challenges:

Optimization of research and development cycle costs (operating margins and profitability)

Standardization and optimization of processes and tools

Materials development, testing and qualification

Manufacturing optimization and testing and certification of new techniques (e. g. additive manufacturing)

Management of MOC (Maintaining Operational Condition), ILS (Integrated Logistics Support), CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management)

Environmental and regulatory compliance and reporting (e.g. CPI 1752 & 1754)

Supply chain and logistics (e. g. ASD 2000M & S3000L)

Collection and analysis of important data

Technical Data Management In the Aerospace Industry

Technical Data Management In the Aerospace Industry: Material Data And LIMS

Technical Data Management In the Aerospace Industry: Tests Requests Management, Materials, Environmental Compliance, MOC