People are the primary asset of our institution since we are only as successful as our employees. BASSETTI is a large family that prides itself on the many talented individuals that make up our company. We look for people who are intelligent, energetic, loyal, and committed to the long-term success of our company. In return, we offer a rewarding but challenging work environment, competitive compensation, and a commitment to the professional growth and happiness of our employees.


Data, information, and knowledge are not efficiently put to work without an aim and a soul. Our experience is based on a long series of trial and error that enables a learning process. Thus, wisdom in our definition not only encompasses technical knowledge, soft skills, or scientific outputs, it reflects a combination of the human factors and the reality of physics. This long journey implies humility and determination.


Physics and businesses are governed by a universal variable called time. The duality of time constraints should encourage us to find the right balance between impatience and patience, between short-term goals and long-term objectives. Even though time can easily be converted into money, time is more valuable than money, as money cannot buy time.