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The automotive and transport industry sector

Over the past century, the automotive industry has relied on the success of mass production, low fuel costs, and a wide range of products to attract the growing consumer market. However, with current global and customer trends, the industry must now evolve current end-to-end processes (from design to after-sales-service) in response to the changing trends of this millennium.

By embracing new digital technologies (autonomous/self-driving, connectivity), innovative materials, and manufacturing options; Companies streamline portfolios and platforms, increase supply chain collaboration, prepare for the reduction/elimination of the internal combustion engine (ICE) to hybrid/electric vehicles, and improve data analytics to increase performance.

Your challenges:

Platform design and development

Optimization of machine and human resources

Supply chain management 

Development of mechatronics and connectivity

Research, testing and validation of new materials

Data analysis and manufacturing process optimization

Acquisition of new manufacturing processes (additive manufacturing)

Environmental and regulatory compliance

Software for the Management of Automotive Test Requests

Software for the Management of Automotive Test Requests: TEEXMA LIMS Software

Software for the Management of Automotive Test Requests: Test Request Management, Exploitation of Test Results and Resource Planning.