Technical Expertise Management®


As part of the BASSETTI Group and based in Chicago, Illinois, BASSETTI Americas has a core mission to help businesses across North America manage and leverage their technical expertise. BASSETTI Group which was founded with this mission in 1992, has since expanded to include risk management and knowledge management. BASSETTI offers TEEXMA®, a modular and configurable platform that provides one technology, multiple solutions. Currently over 600 companies and 180,000 users across various industries rely on TEEXMA® to improve products, processes, and profitability. With powerful capabilities, quick implementations, flexible licensing, and global support, find out how TEEXMA® can help you.

Areas of expertise

Technical data management

Make the most of your technical data

Information Technology

Benefit from a scalable and collaborative system

Engineering sciences

We have multidisciplinary skills at your disposal to best meet your needs

Our missions

Digitally transform the entire value chain

Adaptability due to a modular and configurable solution

Establishing a single reference system

Supporting business growth and development

Effective collaboration and sharing of knowledge

Reducing costs and saving resources


years of experience in technical data management


multidisciplinary engineers working to meet your needs​


TEEXMA® users across the globe

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Our Main Office

Chicago, Illinois