The BASSETTI group acquires ERELIA, an innovative software company specializing in industrial weighing.


The BASSETTI group acquires ERELIA, an innovative company specializing in software for industrial weighing and formulation. With the recent acquisition of 3DTRUST (an Additive Manufacturing MES for 3D printers), BASSETTI accelerates its development in the field of machine interfacing for digital continuity, traceability, and data security in an increasingly regulated environment.

For over 30 years, ERELIA has been a world-renowned software suite editor in the field of industrial weighing. Its solutions are compatible with all manufacturers of equipment for the control of the net weight of prepackaged products. In addition to this, the company has its own workshop where it assembles electronic components to provide terminals to its customers on dedicated weighing stations. ERELIA‘s solutions ensure an automated digital continuity with traceability of statistical weight control. Thanks to its know-how and its capacity for innovation, the company addresses large industrial groups in the fields of food processing, cosmetics, chemistry, or the pharmaceutical industry.

With this merger, ERELIA aims to accelerate its development strategy in order to better support its international customers, particularly in Germany, Canada, China, and the USA. The BASSETTI group has many customers in R&D, laboratories, QHSE departments, and production, who need to meet the challenges of connecting to equipment. The solution proposed by ERELIA is the perfect answer to these digital continuity issues and allows BASSETTI to offer a “turnkey” solution to its customers.

This merger will create strong synergies for both companies, including:

  •  Increase of the functional perimeters: The solutions developed by ERELIA are perfectly integrated as complementary modules to the TEEXMA® for LIMS software allowing it to interface with the equipment.
  •  Business sectors: ERELIA, because of its presence in the fields of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, or Cosmetics will allow BASSETTI to reinforce its presence in these markets.
  • IT development: The merger will allow the two companies to share IT developments, based on similar technologies, which are essential for innovation and the conquest of new markets.

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