BASSETTI India is a subsidiary of the BASSETTI Group established in 2015. Located in Kolkata, with the capacity to:

  • Ensure the performance and security of our software through testing
  • Implement test automation to ensure the proper functioning of our software
  • Ensure environmental compliance of industries through the collection and update of Material Safety Data Sheets

In addition to these capabilities, BASSETTI India also plays a role in developing our footprint and addressing the challenges of industries based in India. To this end, it makes our software solutions available, allowing the group to have a stronger international presence.

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"Outsourcing" The Offer

A deployment of BASSETTI resources in Kolkata, India

A project management initiated and followed by your internal resources, with an organization adapted to GMT+1

HR management included for supervising teams

Intuitive and efficient real-time communication tools

A competitive economic solution: qualifications focused on performance and innovation

Same operational quality with greater adaptability

A project manager appointed on site to as a dedicated point of contact for the management of your operational teams

Confidentiality and security of a process, proven by our experience and feedback from our customers for three decades (e.g. aerospace & defense, energy, chemical, etc.)