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The chemical and pharmaceutical sector

Historically, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry has been very conservative and risk-averse. It must now look to the digital future to achieve its commercial objectives of innovation, rapid time-to-market, focus on customers and/or patients and the creation of high value-added solutions. The old silo systems must now be replaced by new technologies. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, the cloud, IoT (“Internet of Things”), machine learning or 3D printing, for example, must support more efficient processes, enable the collection and analysis of large data, ensure compliance and traceability, manage supply chain logistics, create a more patient ecosystem, and increase profitability.

Your challenges:

Innovation and speed to market

Data creation, management and analysis

Regulatory compliance

Support and focus on patients

Product traceability and safety, resource planning

Non-conformity management

Knowledge management and best practices

Product testing and certification (electronics integration)

Chemical and Pharmaceutical LIMS Software

Chemical and Pharmaceutical LIMS Software: Sample Traceability

Chemical and Pharmaceutical LIMS Software: Batch Management, Quality and Non-conformities Management, Environmental Standards Management, Planning