The quality department is the one that ensures the smooth running of an industrial company. Transversal to all activities and a real link between the company’s stakeholders, digital transformation acts in the service of quality to facilitate the exchange of information and the resolution of non-conformities. The BASSETTI GROUP, with 30 years of experience with industrial clients, puts its expertise at the service of quality management.

Your challenges

Increasing performance

Reducing costs and time to promote customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

Guarantee the quality expected
by the market

The standards and certifications of the target markets require a guarantee, through complete traceability and regular controls, of a compliant level of quality

Facilitate the exchange of information

Continuous improvement is enabled by the fluidity of information exchange, accessibility to data, identification of correlations and utilization of past experience

Anticipate non-conformities

Reduce the number of non-conformities by anticipating risks and deviations and by harmonizing practices and processes

Why BASSETTI for the digitalization
of your service ?

The BASSETTI GROUP develops a software suite dedicated to the world of quality :

– A control of your entire quality management system by anticipating failures to launch a rapid action plan, and to make the most of the knowledge gained from experience.

– Mastery of problem solving using standard investigation methods : DMAIC (QRQC, PDCA, 8D), Ishikawa (5M, 5P).

– Build a single quality repository whose data is controlled and whose  distribution is validated by the quality experts.

– Sharing information with other departments in a performance logic by promoting synergies.

BASSETTI also offers a unique solution for interfacing with the other departments involved :

– Laboratory : The laboratory is strongly correlated with the quality department. The latter can call on quality to manage authorizations, regulatory, compliance and non-conformities following tests. In addition, a quality control process requires constant interaction between quality and the laboratory.

– HSE : The integrated management system is an approach involving interactions around 3 standards : ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 45001 for occupational safety (FMECA).

– Design Office : The design office, because of its role in the design of the product, can exchange data with the quality department concerning the management of design risks.

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We would like to inform you that the data in this form may be used by our services to respond to your request.