TEEXMA® Materials

Sizing, calculation and simulation

Sizing, calculation and simulation

Do you have difficulties to converge your material, experimental and simulation data? Do your material properties coexist in different formats/supports (material sheets, qualification reports, calculation maps, etc.)? You would like to centralize information and share your unified and validated data between the different departments (Design Office and R&D)

TEEXMA® Materials is a software specialized in the management of technical and scientific data, allowing to deploy a single repository, to share information, to guarantee the uniqueness of data and share it.

It allows you to:

Set up a single technical data repository between the company’s various departments (R&D, Design Office, Laboratory, Calculation and Simulation, etc…)

Compare and select the best models of digital material behaviour law

Validate, and assign a confidence index to experimental data and modelling

Fill the simulation software databases with the right values

Graphically exploit your design data (materials, components)

TEEXMA® Materials’s strengths

The generation of calculation maps can be adapted to all design, simulation and calculation software

These data exports are configurable and your users can support new formats independently

In addition to the technical data, a critical analysis can be provided on the various calculation maps generated

Workflow and rights modules allow you to create customized workspaces for different users

A Materials offer dedicated to:

Automotive & Transport

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aeronautics & Space



Calculation and Simulation Sizing

Sizing, Calculation and Simulation: Unique Referential Implementation

Design, Calculation and Simulation: Implementation of a single reference, Technical Data Management, Graphical Data Exploitation