TEEXMA® Environment

Ensure your environmental compliance

TEEXMA® Environment

Ensure your environmental compliance

TEEXMA® Environment is a software suite that allows you to take a responsible approach, by analyzing the impact on production. The implementation of action plans allows you to anticipate supply chain issues and changes in the market.


Provide access to accurate, up-to-date environmental, health, and safety documents

Demonstrate GHS and EHS compliance with global and regional regulations

Centralized information enables easy integration of records between purchasing, EHS, and operations departments

Assisted management of environmental regulations for your products

Benefit from dashboards that handle obsolescence management, impact capitalization, risk management, etc.

Preserve your brand image by understanding your environmental impact and  standards to improve workplace safety

Monitor your environmental activity thanks to different indicators adapted in customized dashboards


REACh and other regulations

Reports on SVHC declarations and impact on your business.

0.1% calculation and customer declarations management.

SVHC tracking throughout your supply chain thanks to a follow-up campaign.

Environment Management System

Compliance  ISO 14001

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility annual  report

Environmental  strategy and performance

Sites and facilities management

Collect  emissions and consumption data

Obsolescence Management

Complete impact analysis on the activity

Obsolescence risks control

Decision-making improvement

Preventive and corrective action plan follow-up

Substitution projects management

Risk Management

INRS method, product identification

Dermal and inhalation risk assessment

Management of high priority risks and creation of preventive actions

Automatic creation of documents, which save to your master records

Product Management

Hazardous substances management

Inventory and volume tracking

MSDS management and CLP format labels generation

Control conflicts in storage monitoring due to new products


Responsible approaches to your environmental management. 

SDS Management

Unlimited document storage: tracking, updates, distribution and creation

Complete impact analysis

Improve decision-making capability on BOM, processes, and supply chains, as well as manage inventory and volume tracking to anticipate and control regulation as much as possible

Generate automatic document

CLP labels, single documents, workstation instructions, etc.

Supplier campaign Management

Manage supplier data and campaigns with automatic processing reminders

Identify and map equipment types for each facility which could be subject to local regulations or rules

Collect emissions and consumption data coming from each piece of equipment

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In concrete terms, in 10 minutes, we can extract an Excel file with all the products, quantities and associated suppliers from all the laboratories, whereas previously the collection of all this information could take several weeks.



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Management of Environmental Compliance Software

Management of Environmental Compliance Software : SDS, REACH – ROHS

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