TEEXMA® Materials


Beyond traditional materials software, TEEXMA® for Materials facilitates collaboration between the actors of your different departments. In this unique system, it is possible to:

  • Manage data from laboratory tests, standards, and suppliers
  • Leverage the knowledge of materials experts and capitalize on data
  • Facilitate the use of all relevant data by calculation and simulation engineers

With the technical innovations of our customers in mind, we adapt to the latest technologies on the market including Additive Manufacturing (AM) also known as 3D Printing.


Traceability of data from raw material to output part

Development and management of a raw materials database (e.g. metal powder, polymer coils, etc.)

Defining additive manufacturing processes and machine parameters

Monitoring of part transformations at the end of the additive manufacturing process

Characterization (mechanical, chemical, morphological, etc.) of materials at all its transformation stages

Leveraging and sharing of “Lessons Learned” on manufacturing processes

Benefits of TEEXMA® for Materials

An ergonomic interface to ensure process traceability

Easy to use functionalities (e.g. Search, Automatic Document Generation, Automation, Workflow, etc.)

Management of standard data as well as specified data

Integration of new teams and assurance in the confidentiality of information through user rights management

Autonomous processes by following the evolution of the database:

  • Evolve underdeveloped processes
  • Adapt to the acquisition of new machines or the development of new processes

Our Solution In Different Industries

Automotive & Transport

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aeronautics & Space




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