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The industrial sector

With the advent of digital technology, the manufacturing industry has entered into a new era: Industry 4.0. This is characterised in particular by the interconnection of production resources, the emergence of intelligent factories and even artificial intelligence. Today, it is no longer a question of producing on a line as Henry Ford did, but of making unique and customizable products at equivalent costs despite low volumes. New design dynamics are also emerging, such as eco-design or additive manufacturing, for example, complemented by increasingly high-performance and innovative materials framed by strong environmental regulations.

Your challenges:

Implement actions to deal with obsolescence (materials, etc.)

Create efficient and shared technical databases

Comply with environmental regulations (e. g. REACH)

Trace product and material data

Analyze data and optimize manufacturing processes

Collect, share and enhance important data

Optimize human and machine resources (e. g. testing machines)

Manage your quality department and implement action plans

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TEEXMA® Software Dedicated to the World of Industry: Technical Know-How Management

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