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The introduction of a new mobile application into the work environment can be tricky for both technical and psychological reasons. Because of its coexistence with generally very repetitive field uses on one hand, and its generally very directive aspect, on the other hand, users are generally quickly critical with a mobile application in the context of their work. There are many examples of carefully prepared mobile solutions that are rarely or poorly used in the end.

Methods available to reduce this risk of rejection

There are methods available to reduce this risk of rejection for technology changes and provide a customized solution that is satisfactory for a given user group. Among these change support methods, BASSETTI implements an innovative approach based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology in order to quantify the resistance and opportunities that accompany the introduction of a new mobile technology and that allows building a user experience adapted to field use scenarios. Thanks to the Design Thinking toolbox and a concrete business approach, the mobile application can become the digital companion of the technical operator and the field relay of the technical data information system built around TEEXMA®.

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