TEEXMA® Materials

Materials Selection

Materials Selection

How can TEEXMA® Materials help you with your material selections?

This is a major challenge for material databases. Equipped with several powerful search modules, TEEXMA® Materials (materials software) offers an optimized choice help for your various services.

Text search engine

This very easy to use tool allows you to perform keyword searches on your entire database.
This search engine is equipped with a function that allows it to search information in structured and unstructured data, i.e. within the documents published in TEEXMA® Matériaux (documents Excel, Word, PDF…)

Multi-Criteria selection

This is a historical function of the Materials search. Proven for more than twenty years by our customers, it allows us to establish specifications from the simplest to the most complex.
Your searches are optimized according to the importance you want to assign to each search criterion.
The results of this selection are classified by relevance in order to facilitate your decision on the choice of materials and define equivalences between the results.

Choices Guide

Custom questionnaires can be edited to guide users in their material selection.

TEEXMA®‘s Materials strengths 

Ergonomic search modules for easy use by any user

Searches on the entire database

Comparison of the different families of materials with each other to determine the most competitive materials for your application

Search for information on generic data, as well as on standardised, commercial designations or experimental or dimensional data

A Materials offer dedicated to:

Automotive & Transport

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aeronautics & Space



Material Selection

Material Selection: Text Search Engine, Multi-Criteria Selection

Material Selection: Choice Guide, Multi-Criteria Selection, Text Search, Material Software, Search History