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RENAULT uses TEEXMA® as Materials Characteristics Repository for numerical and engineering simulation

“We did not want just data storage but a tool that would allow us to develop our data. We wanted a flexible structure, which we could modify easily. A tool that we could use to integrate new materials and generate a certain amount of information for numerical simulations. We wanted a tool that would help us to progress on material data, We wanted a tool that helps us to progress on material data, that allows us to make the links between properties and different types of applications and that helps us to identify behavioural laws. We are developing correlations on certain properties and would like to extend our business rules to all our data.”
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ARAYMOND uses TEEXMA® LIMS and material database

“The biggest strength of TEEXMA® raw materials, in my opinion, is its flexibility in terms of configuration and therefore its ability to adapt to evolving business needs. The new Workflow module that we are deploying forces us to reengineer our processes. Via data entry forms tailored to our revised needs, we have reduced oversights and data writing times. We now use it to submit test reports, create new materials, and manage quality documents in conjunction with our central IT tools (including Windchill and SAP).”
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