One technology, Multiple solutions

A modular and configurable solution to support the digital transformation and evolution of your business

TEEXMA® is the first collaborative tool to be in line with the NO CODE trend and dedicated to managing technical and scientific data.

TEEXMA® allows for the leveraging of data and knowledge to optimize processes and improve results.

A single, centralized and interconnected business repository

Capture, track, leverage and reuse technical information while being connected to the information systems already in place.

Scalable structure

Modify the structure of your TEEXMA® database according to your needs without coding. Add new fields, tabs, or functionalities with a simple mouse click.

Secure knowledge base

Define precise access rights for each user or group of users to ensure security.

A high degree of flexibility

TEEXMA® is fully configurable and can be adapted to your industrial needs. 

A unique technology to ensure digital continuity

TEEXMA® is the only software solution on the market to offer such a diversified offering while ensuring digital continuity. Manage the knowledge of your experts and optimize your business processes with a unique technology that adapts to your business and your needs.

Customer support adapted to your needs

BASSETTI offers support with an agile methodology by ensuring the drafting of specifications while having short sprints to respond to your feedback and take it into account.

TEEXMA® interfaces with your systems

TEEXMA® is based on market databases: SQL server, ORACLE or PostgreSQL. It is compatible with SaaS, Cloud or on premise hosting, directly on your servers.

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In need of a new solution for your business? Take advantage and learn about a scalable solution that can be configured according to your needs.

Information Request

  • Data import and export system
  • Authentication and rights management
  • Multilingualism management
  • Data traceability
  • Multicriteria selection
  • Choice guide
  • Search by indexing
  • Text search
  • Planning and agenda view
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Validation and workflow
  • Interactive visuals
  • QR codes
  • Electronic document management
  • Document extraction
  • Curves and graphs
  • Indicators / KPIs
  • Calculations and simulations

Reduces errors and nonconformities

Optimized operations & improved performance

Reduced costs

TEEXMA® reduces data entry errors by integrating with equipment, databases, and other tools

TEEXMA® optimizes operations by tracking and displaying KPIs to improve overall performance

Save money, time and resources with efficient planning and monitoring, automated document management, leveraged data, and more

Our solutions
TEEXMA® for Materials
TEEXMA® for Additive Manufacturing
TEEXMA® for Maintenance
TEEXMA® for Quality
TEEXMA® for Environment
TEEXMA® for Manufacturing