VEDALIS supports companies in their efforts to comply with ISO 9001 – 2015

A pioneer and leader in Social Knowledge Management, VEDALIS (a subsidiary of the BASSETTI group) provides software solutions and advice to organizations wishing to develop collective intelligence. For more than twenty years, the company’s DNA has been at the heart of three inseparable dimensions: knowledge management, information technology and organizational management.

For companies, intangible capital is considered a key factor in their development and has become a performance lever in the overall strategy. Knowledge management policies are now also integrated into the new 2015 version of ISO9001. In fact, standardization now contributes to the recognition of Knowledge Management in companies that must pursue an internal knowledge-sharing strategy to achieve their objectives. To respond to new societal issues, VEDALIS is committed to providing its expertise to companies in their efforts to comply with the ISO9001: 2015 standard, which expires in September.