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EDF is Confident in TEEXMA® to Manage Their Experimental Data

“The company was able to perfectly understand our problem and adapt TEEXMA® to our context and project. Today, the tool is in its maturation phase, […]. We are currently working on taking new needs into account.”
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EURODIF (FRAMATOME) trusts TEEXMA® to carry out the inventory of industrial components for its uranium enrichment plant (dismantling)

“Each set of data has a unique source in which we can easily attach characterization documents (Plans, Technical specifications, calculation notes, commentary, etc…) To date, 200,000 sets of equipment have been indexed with multiple, aggregating numerous variables.”
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SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC selects its materials data with TEEXMA®

“For us, one of the strong points of TEEXMA®(MEZZO) is that it interfaces with our Information System and is autonomous in importing data. It will automatically adapt to the amount of data. We have implemented documents in MEZZO that allow us to enrich digital data and have evolved the database over time by enriching it with new functions. “
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GDF SUEZ selected TEEXMA® to capitalize on its documentary knowledge base

“TEEXMA® allows you to connect the elements to one another. This system seemed to us easier to maintain than creating an encyclopedia dedicated to our documentary database. TEEXMA® also allows a level of understanding by the greatest number of people. In addition, through the links, we carry information that allows us to capitalize on the knowledge.”
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FRAMATOME capitalizes on its technical data with TEEXMA® 8 years after : Recap

“We have used TEEXMA® since 2006. The tool has really evolved over the years because its use has also extended to other fields, especially our Sales Department, which uses TEEXMA® to manage responses to calls for tenders and the monitoring of dashboards. In addition, we now capitalize on lessons learned from maintenance interventions (safety, tools, logistics, etc.). This provides consistency in the maintenance process, as TEEXMA® now ensures the traceability of project data from the commercial phase to the end of the project.”

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TOTAL uses TEEXMA® to manage its chemical products

“The tool saves us time. We were able to set up the ICPE, know the number of CMRs and extract data according to our needs thanks to multi-criteria selection. For example, we can extract some H-phrases according to the ICPE classification.

In concrete terms, in 10 minutes we can extract an Excel file with all the products, quantities and associated suppliers from all the laboratories, whereas previously it could take several weeks to collect all this information. This file then constitutes the foundation for our work.
The solution also allows laboratories to have a status of their stock, the location of their products in the building and address storage incompatibilities.”

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FRAMATOME: we use TEEXMA® as a workflow to treat and track non-conformities

“What favored our choice for TEEXMA® was the reactivity of the tool’s implementation, as well as its flexibility, which allows us to easily configure the tool according to our needs
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