TEEXMA® for Design Handbook

Develop the autonomy of your engineers by optimizing your transfer of knowledge

TEEXMA® for Design Handbook

Develop the autonomy of your engineers by optimizing your transfer of knowledge

The Design Handbook is a unique repository that is integrated into your information systems. This complex system gathers all the rules and standards involved in the design process.


Have a global vision of all design rules

Capitalize and ensure the company’s know-how and traceability

Ensure the rules of design are understood and applied

Ensure the sustainable justification of the fundamental rules of the business

Update the repository as practices and events unfold


Visual Design

Visually navigate  product decomposition and flowchart processes

Represent fields of expertise and their interactions

Structuring Knowledge

Make the most of  your descriptive content (navigation/research/ wiki)

Learn by navigating through synthetic knowledge

Structure concepts to enable cognitive links naturally created by experts to be reproduced

The certainty that the user finds the knowledge when needed

Powerful search tools (multi-criteria selection, text search, selection guide, etc.)


Implementation  validation, traceability, and versioning processes

Notification and subscription management

Knowledge owners are notified of the questions when asked

Manage knowledge actions


TEEXMA® for Design Handbook:

Capitalize and enhance technical data management alongside your scientific knowledge.

Quality improvement

Reduced numbers of non-conformities, anomalies, and failures

Acceleration of training

Increase newcomers’ ability to be self-sufficient

Efficient integration of subcontractors

Reduced integration time for subcontractors

Leveraging of technical knowledge

Reduced knowledge lost when experts leave

Anticipation of evolution

Improved impact analyses when updating standards, lessons learned, and monitoring the competition

Improving exchanges between employees 

Improved technical innovation exchanges on the subject of cross-project communities 

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TEEXMA® is today at ERAMET a transversal tool experimented in many cases (experts on leave or included in the KM approach of an organisation). This transversality enables to give a concrete answer to the group objectives.


Our goal was to digitize knowledge in order to make it more accessible by neophyte engineers and then make their skills improve faster in helicopter conception in compliance with the rules. In order to digitize our knowledge, we needed to set up processes and update routines about frames of references, ensuring the right to know.

AIRBUS Helicopters


Chimie & Pharmacie

Aéronautique & Spatial



Design Handbook

Design Handbook: Design Guide, Unique Repository, Design Rules

Design Handbook: Design Guide, Unique Repository, Design Rules, Perpetuating the Fundamental Rules of the Business, Visual Design