Automate, centralize and streamline your manufacturing processes

TEEXMA® for Manufacturing

The management and optimization of your technical manufacturing data

TEEXMA® is the first collaborative tool dedicated to technical and scientific expertise. It allows you to structure, leverage, and enhance valuable knowledge and data.

TEEXMA® for Manufacturing supports you with:

Document Management (for operating modes, manufacturing lines, etc.)

Integrate data stored in TEEXMA® into your documents

Develop operating procedure sand updated documents that can be used in real-time

Management of time and manufacturing lines

Determine operating times (Chrono-Analysis, MTM, MOST, Video, etc.)

Determine cycle times (Simogram, Balancing)

Determine change and preparation times

Calculation and simulation tools

Calculate the workload, schedule workshops, and measure performance

Calculate machine, operator, and industrialization costs

Use an intuitive platform that interfaces to organize production

Centralized data

Create a centralized business repository system allowing you to trace, capture, and re-use your manufacturing data


Create a scalable structure that evolves according to your manufacturing needs


Safely secure and manage knowledge and access rights


Avoid Errors
Avoid errors in the event of invalid data and manage your preventive and corrective actions
Easy Knowledge Transfer
Easily share your materials knowledge between authorized users
Reduce Costs
Optimize your manufacturing processes to save time and money while maximizing production
Optimize Operations​​
Optimize operations by tracking and displaying KPIs and increase productivity with users focused on their tasks
Easily interface with other information systems (ERP, PLM, etc.) and ensure the traceability and preservation of data

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TEEXMA® for Manufacturing in various industries:

Automotive & Transportation

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Aerospace & Defense


Industry & Materials

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