DVP&R and FMEA WEbinar
DVP&R and AMDEC : the perfect synergy for maximizing productivity in your R&D and laboratory projects
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Laboratory testing is the key to the success of major R&D projects.For each of your projects, the Validation Plan lists all these tests, based in particular on Customer requirements and specifications, feedback and analysis of the technical risks identified by the FMEA (the detection criterion is used in particular to assess the relevance of the validation plan in relation to the design requirements).
For the laboratory teams, the identification of tests on all projects is a key stage in effective planning. At the end of the process, the test results are documented for each application and must also be summarised (DVP&R) for each project. This activity is essential in the search for productivity gains and compliance with regulatory constraints.
Today, our TEEXMA® platform offers you efficiency and quality gains thanks to the new DVP&R module. This module connects risk analysis activities (FMEA) and laboratories (LIMS) to create new synergies between your teams.
  • Test requirements are identified by each project on their specialised interface.
  • Functional analyses and FMEAs are used to establish the link between specifications, product characteristics and the validation plan.
  • The project’s APQP milestones are taken into account directly in the validation plan.
  • All tests are centralised in the DVP&R and specifications are defined for each test.
  • The DVP&R module enables you to monitor the quality, cost and lead times for each project.
  • All the tests are transferred to the laboratory teams via their specialised TEEXMA® for LIMS® interface.
  • Planning takes into account the availability of equipment and human resources.
  • Tests are controlled and results entered
  • Test reports are generated and go through the approval process before distribution to the relevant project teams

During this 45-minute webinar, discover a cross-functional solution for your project teams and laboratories