Maintenance WEbinar
Manage Preventive Maintenance through Efficient Planning and Accurate Digitalization of Maintenance Task Lists
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Thursday, April 25th

What to discover in this replay:

  • Introduction to the application and presentation of assets/equipment to be maintained

  • Discover a maintenance task list and associated preventive actions

  • Presentation of managed triggers: frequency, counters, number of cycles, etc.

  • Creation and updating of a maintenance task list with a degree of flexibility adapted to the maturity of your organization

  • Presentation of preventive maintenance alerts and delays

  • Demonstration of the tool’s planning capabilities: semi-automatic replanning, critical paths, load management, etc,

  • Presentation of other planning interfaces ( schedule for the team, maintenance supervisors, assets, etc.) and unavailability management

  • Performing a preventive work order as a maintenance supervisor (including preparation and entry of the work report)

  • Validation of the work order and generation of the work report

  • Automatic rescheduling of the next preventive maintenance program and return to service

  • Recording of time spent on interventions and time evaluation (indicators, standard durations, etc.)

TEEXMA® for Maintenance is not just a software solution but a strategic partner in the quest for maintenance excellence. It empowers organizations to uphold the highest standards of maintenance operations, enabling them to maintain and improve reliability, safety, and profitability.